The reviews are in!

The reviews are in!

Adapted from Helen Forrester’s million selling book, By The Waters Of Liverpool is a stunning period drama is set in the 1930s during the Great Depression and on the brink of WW1.

This powerful story of childhood and adolescence in poverty-stricken Liverpool is touring to The Atkinson 12-14 October 2023. Following the successful start of the tour, the reviews are now in!…



The Reviews Hub | ★★★★
Mulligan gives a beautiful performance, depicting every emotion with grace and empathy. She takes you on a journey of how Helen has grown up since Twopence and how she is finding herself as a young lady.

Wirral Globe | ★★★★
It is a strong cast that conveys joy and sadness in equal measure.

Fairypowered | ★★★★
The cast, except for Mulligan, all played a number of roles which for me added to my appreciation of those involved, they were brilliant, there was humour, sympathy, frustration and tears.

Good News Liverpool | ★★★★
What is particularly noteworthy about this latest incarnation of the show is that it has much greater clarity in its storytelling than before. Director Gareth Tudor Price has adjusted the pacing of scenes to help bring out the detail at crucial points while pressing ahead with the action in between.

North West End | ★★★★
This production is touring and would recommend watching. Whether you are a fan of the books from Helen Forrester, or a complete novice like myself.

Whats Good To Do | ★★★★
Particularly hilarious was the hairdressing salon scene. Lynne Fitzgerald and Samantha Alton (actors play multiple parts in this play, with only Emma, as Helen, having just one part) bounced off each other – their accents made it even more funny! Lynne’s scouse quips and broad accent had me and the audience around me tittering.


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