Alan Edwards, David Allan and Peter Macaulay Paintings and Sculpture

Affordable paintings and sculptures for sale by local residents Alan Edwards, David Allan and Peter Macaulay.  Alan Edwards works mainly in acrylics and his work is built up from small images that have been individually made but not in relationship to each other.  For Alan this approach offers a greater flexibility in forming and shaping the final piece of work, which takes the form of a montage.

David Allan has a background as a mechanical engineer and his abstract metal sculptures provide a source of fascination and inspiration.  David works in metal and stone using mainly steel, brass and Westmoreland green slate but takes inspiration from, and works with, any natural materials.

Peter Macaulay’s work continues to explore and develop what has been for him a lifelong source of inspiration – the human figure.  Peter’s lively if not life-like figures are usually set against colours, by turns, contrasting and harmonious.

Image is Susan, oil on canvas, 2014, Peter Macaulay

Exhibition Opening Times

Mon – Sat: 10am – 4pm

Sun: 11am – 4pm

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