Anita Young –Drawing Inspiration From The Fox

A One-Day Animal “Study-and-Draw” Workshop

With wildlife artist Anita Young in collaboration with Paul McDonald (The Fox Man)

One of many possible answers to the question posed by The Atkinson’s thought-provoking exhibition Why Look at Animals ?” (based upon John Berger’s 1980’s essay examining our human perceptions and depictions of animals throughout early modern times to the present day) would be “all the better to gain the vital insights required to draw them”. Animal drawing requires observation, and with close observation comes better understanding, respect, and appreciation of form, behaviour, and that all-important connection with the animal to guide your eye and hand.

In this workshop we will be taking the Fox as the animal subject and inspiration, wildlife artist Anita Young and fox expert Paul McDonald invite you to discover this connection for yourself.

In a totally immersive full-day workshop, you will learn about the basic physiology, behaviour and ecology of this enigmatic creature and then combine your observations with essential animal drawing techniques to produce sketches and studies using materials provided.

Learn how to truly look, how to clearly see, how to faithfully draw animals – and be inspired by nature. Suitable for all levels of drawing experience.

Cost : £35 (including use of drawing materials provided)

Refreshments are included (not lunch)

Net proceeds from this workshop will be donated to local charity Freshfields Animal Rescue in support of their fox conservation and animal rescue work.For further details contact Anita Young at or phone 07813 536463. Anita Young’s website

Freshfields Animal Rescue – The Fox Man website

Image : Fox Mother Red Alert

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