Before Egypt

With Dr Gina Crescenzo-Laycock

Curator, The Garstang Museum, The University of Liverpool

‘Presenting artefacts dating from as early as 7000 years old, ‘Before Egypt’ delves into the prehistoric past of Egypt and Nubia, featuring the ways in which early art, culture and politics were influenced by the unique geography of the Nile Valley. It culminates with the beginning of the Pharaonic Age in around 3000BC, showcasing artefacts from the tomb of Neith-hotep, the earliest historically attested woman in the world. Of particular interest is an object in the Garstang Museum collection which suggests that this remarkable woman may have been more than ‘just’ a Queen…’

Image: Ivory label bearing the name of the first king of a united Egypt, King Hor-Aha. It was found in the tomb of Aha’s mother, Neith-hotep

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