Bev Bush ‘Another Place, Another Time’ Workshop

Includes creative exercises, presentation, demo, watercolour workshop and framed silk printing. No experience necessary.


Bev Bush’s ‘Fabric of the Coast’ collection, which includes silk scarves and greeting cards, are incredibly popular and a best seller in The Atkinson shop. Join Bev Bush for this unique opportunity to gain a deeper enjoyment and understanding of art through studying and working with watercolour, inks and paper in an abstract and intuitive way. Complete your design in printed silk or organza and take home a unique framed personal piece that depicts your experience of ‘Another Place, Another Time’.

Participants are entitled to 10% off Bev’s work that is sold in The Atkinson shop and 10% off food and drink in our Bakery which offers seasonal produce from local makers. Participants will need to show their ticket in order to receive a discount.

Bev has worked with many large publishers, including BBC, ITV, Disney Interactive, Sony, Jim Henson Interactive, on videogames such as Mickey Mania, Crash Bandicoot and Lego Starwars. As an Animation Background Artist, she has credits on many published and award-winning titles for children’s TV such as DangerMouse, Duckula, Wind in the Willows and HRH Prince Charles’ film of his book, ‘The Legend of Lochnagar’.


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