Ghosts of the Restless Shore

An exhibition of new mixed media work based on a series of walks made along the Sefton Coast by the artists and a natural historian. The work in this exhibition takes a fresh and contemporary look at issues of space, place and memory relating to a coast alive with natural and social history. A wind-swept landscape that is constantly in motion, yet bears the traces of its rich history and harbours unique wildlife and flora and fauna.

Artists featured include Jake Campbell (Poet); Tim Collier (Photographer); Mike Collier (Visual Artist) Rob Strachan (Sound Artist) and Sam Wiehl (Visual Artist)

The exhibition is accompanied by a programme of creative walks on the Sefton Coast, workshops and a substantial catalogue.

Image by Tim Collier


Exhibition Opening Times

Monday – Saturday 10am – 4pm

Sunday 11am – 3pm


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