Graffiti in the Ancient World

Visiting ancient tombs and temples in Egypt is an undeniably profound experience for many people. While admiring awesome structures or translating ancient inscriptions, visitors often miss the signatures of those who left who left their mark at these sites too from the ancient world to collectors and those who heralded in modern study of Egyptology. Graffiti from historical figures such as Julia Babilla, Jollois and De Villiers, Thomas Legh, Giovanni Belzoni, Pierre-Constant Letorzec and Prince Pückler-Muskau have an enormous value as historical artefacts in their own right.

During this talk, Lee will showcase examples of graffiti at sites including the rock tombs of El Kab, the Kiosk of Qertassi, Karnak Temple and the Ramesseum. Lee will also explain the process of photogrammetry, with an opportunity for those attending to handle 3D printed reproductions of scanned travellers’ graffiti.


Talk by  Lee Robert McStein
Photogrammetrist  | Technical Director
Monument Men



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