Great Discoveries of Ancient Egypt with Dr Joanne Backhouse (Class 2)

From treasure filled tombs, deciphering ancient texts and caches of mummies,  the secrets of ancient Egypt have been revealed from the 19th Century onwards.

This short course will examine some of the most breath-taking discoveries.  This includes George Reisner’s excavation of the burial shaft of Queen Hetepheres in 1925, found at Giza, the mother of Khufu, builder of the great pyramid.

Also, Howard Carter’s discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, which made headlines worldwide in 1922, to date, a unique find.  Followed by the lesser known, but somewhat comparable work at Tanis by Pierre Montet in 1939. Although overshadowed by the threat of war, the intact royal tombs yielded four gold masks, two silver coffins and jewellery to rival Tutankhamun. Finally, Flinders Petrie’s work at Hawara in 1888, brought us face to face with the ancient Egyptians, with his discovery of the so called Faiyum mummy portraits.

Maximum 15 places.
Ticket price covers all three classes ( November 2nd, 9th and 16th  )
Ticket price includes refreshments.

This event is part of our Egyptology Month celebrations.
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