The Landing: Lisa Langan

Lisa Langan Artist Statement

These still life paintings are primarily about relationships. The relationship with myself and/ or others, with underlying stories. They are autobiographical where I have situated myself invisibly at the foreground of a table top scene. The on looking viewers can also find themselves standing in the same place, confronted by each scenario, they know nothing about.

These paintings consist of captured moments, transferred personal reflections, conveyed with humour and sometimes darker underlying tones.

Art, in many forms, has always been a part of my life, but painting has consistently acted like a form of therapy for me. In the words of artist Emily Garce ‘Negative images can be easier to filter than negative words’. In my still life work I found this was really the case. Adverse emotions were transformed after much paint application. Choosing specific items that spoke about a personal situation, putting feeling and thought into each scenario and reliving the moment as I painted, all assisted in creating the ‘final piece’ and, without doubt, always dissolved any somewhat preceding negative emotions.

In some of the still life work I touched on lighter issues, like childhood memories in ‘Avondale advocates’ for example, and ‘Eleventh hour’ is a formulated synopsis on the passing of my Father (RIP) whereby I am informed of this, his final days, by letter from him, giving us both time to say Goodbye.

Alongside this series of still life work I have chosen to hang some portraits mostly painted in waterbased media as a contrast to the oil painted still life work. Some of these were painted at my home studio and others were composed at The Little Crosby portrait sessions.

All my work is original, I only work from life.

Image is Still Life with Lemons by Lisa Langan

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