Located: Southport

Inspired by the ‘Guiding Lights’ and navigation systems of Trinity House, and the importance of marine history and waterways in the UK’s heritage and identity.

The installation for this exhibition uses the concept of floating navigational aids moored on shifting sandbanks – Light Vessels and Buoys – as a metaphor to explore the states of location and dislocation for individuals and communities, and how we form a connection to ‘place’ and sense of identity – physically, culturally, emotionally and spiritually.

‘Elise&Mary’ is a multidisciplinary fine art and design partnership inspired by the way people inhabit and make sense of the world around them. Their practice is research based, with a long successful track record of working with communities, government and cultural organisations. They constantly challenge and develop their practice as fine artists working in traditional materials and new media.

Have a listen to ‘The Light Vessel’ a newly commissioned choral work by international composer and musician Trevor Watts, the libretto is by poet and novelist Kay Syrad. The Thames Chamber Choir performed the 1st movement of the work at Saint Mark’s Church Regents Park, and made a studio recording in March 2017 led by Andrew Campling and Christian Spielmann. This work has been commissioned by artists Elise & Mary as part of Last Station Touring.

Their ambition is to produce work that has a meaningful legacy for the people and places they work with.

This is an interactive, multi-media installation developed by Artists Elise & Mary for their touring arts project funded by the Arts Council of England’s Grants for the Arts scheme.








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