Nahem Shoa: Black Presence

Artist Nahem Shoa has curated a selection of his striking portrait paintings alongside key historic and contemporary paintings of black portrait sitters. Nahem is especially keen to increase the number of positive images of black people in British art collections and has donated many of his own works to public collections. The exhibition includes work by Joshua Reynolds and Sonia Boyce, as well as Allan Ramsay’s outstanding ‘Portrait of an African (probably Ignatius Sancho)

Image: Nahem Shoa. Head of Desmond Haughton (red top)
1997. Oil on canvas, 48.2 x 55.8. Southampton Art Gallery


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Stephen Whittle, Stephen Whittle, Principal Manager, Museum Gallery & Operations looks at how Black artists are represented in Art Galleries

Nahem Shoa: Black Presence by Stephen Whittle

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