Optical Entertainments before the Movies

For students of art history, media, film studies and visual sciences and groups interested in social history, photography, cinema and Victorian culture.Since the earliest times, artists, showmen and scientists have tried to capture real life (movement and perspective) through art and mechanical devices. The Victorians used the new science of optics to create perspective machines, persistence-of-vision devices, panoramic scenes, three-dimensional imagery and moving pictures in large-scale theatrical extravaganzas and children’s toys.

This one hour  talk is a light-touch, lavishly illustrated meander through the history of optical entertainments from cave art to the birth of the movies in 1895. It will followed by a ‘hands-on’ demonstration of some of the devices.

By Andrew Gill


Part of our Object of the Month Programme

Object of the Month talks are free and there is no need to book, just come along! If you wish to donate money to The Atkinson Development Trust at the end of any talk there will be donation buckets available.

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