QuARTet: Meet The Artists

Join us for an exclusive “Meet the Artists” event that promises to be a celebration of inspiration, talent, and the stories that breathe life into the masterpieces adorning our Landing walls.

QuARTet is a joint exhibition from artists Brian Minnery, Lawrence Johnson, S.K. Stevens and Chris Hughes, each with their own unique vision. This session allows you to engage in intimate conversations with the brilliant minds behind the brushstrokes. Hear firsthand the stories, inspirations, and techniques that bring their art to life.

The Landing: QuARTet

27 January 2024 – 9 March 2024

A joint exhibition from artists Brian Minnery, Lawrence Johnson, S.K. Stevens and Chris Hughes, each with their own unique vision.

Brian Minnery

Brian discovered the scroll saw was the perfect tool to combine his interest of woodworking and mixed media art.

Brian began using discarded wood such as old bookcases to create 3D intricate designs using a pin shaped blade from which emerge landscapes, nature compositions, fantastical story pieces and famous faces. In addition to the scroll saw Brian also uses acrylic paints, inks, a wood burner, carving chisels and knives to complete his creations.

Brian’s work has been very popular and sells out at exhibitions across the country.

Chris Hughes

Chris is a largely self-taught potter, artist and photographer .

His output is small as he hand builds all his pots using pinching, coiling, slabbing and modelling techniques. He makes bowls, bottles, plates, lamp-bases and clocks. His forms are often sharp edged and finely balanced, the bottle forms frequently twisting as they rise. He uses features from the landscape on his pots, mountains, streams and beaches occur frequently and also weathered doors, windows and stone walls.

For his drawings he usees coloured pencils or pastels, liking the direct contact with the surface of the paper, using smudging and rubbing techniques to achieve the variations in tones and shades which he sees in the skies, clouds, landscapes and water he tries to represent. The drawings have become more and more abstract and many later works are totally so but remain heavily influenced by elements from the landscape.

Lawrence Johnson

Lawrence is a self-taught artist whose work has been exhibited and collected extensively from his home county of Merseyside to Ireland, Yorkshire, Wales and internationally.

His paintings reside in collections in many countries including America, Australia and Sweden. Lawrence has been represented in several galleries across the UK and had recognition in many open exhibitions up and down the country, including being selected as one of the artists to represent the best of Merseyside during the Liverpool city of culture celebrations. He has had several successful one man shows in some of the best galleries in the North West of England.

His work is often interpreted as pointillism, but as you will see on closer inspection he has developed a unique technique all of his own. His landscapes approach the four seasons, capturing their many colourful changes and the views encompass a wonderful sense of time and place.

S. K. Stevens

S. K. Stevens deliberately titles their works in a way that allows the viewer freedom to make the picture their own, hoping to evoke an emotional response, a memory, or a feeling. The paintings have an immediacy which makes them attractive at first glance, but beyond which lies an emotional depth, rich in life, intensity and complexity. The paintings are often intimate and fragile, carefully considered yet spontaneously painted. They aim to tempt the onlooker to engage with the varying colour palettes, to encourage a closer inspection, to bring the small details to life, layering of paint and marks made purely by palette knife. The seductive use of colour and texture creates a universal accessibility to the work and aims to allow everyone an experience that is personal and unique to them.

They aim to produce work that is distinctive and instinctive, that holds a rawness that is genuine, honest and never contrived. They approach each painting with a desire to capture a moment only, a fragment of time capturing an impression and emotional response that is gone almost before they have time to take it all in. There is nothing hidden in these paintings, nothing kept from the viewer about the work they see or the artist that painted them but there are many possible levels of interpretation and understanding about both.

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