The Mexico 27

On a storm drenched, December night in 1886 three lifeboats are launched in attempt to rescue all aboard the stricken vessel S.S Mexico – Before the night is through, all crew of the Mexico are saved but 27 brave local lifeboat men lose their lives to the raging sea….

The Mexico 27 is a heartfelt dramatic play, combining song and movement, that explores the lives of the local fishermen involved in this tragedy, which took place along the Sefton coastline.  This is a story of family life, which celebrates the bravery and ties that bond a community.

Funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Stage Door Theatre Trust present this historical piece of drama that will leave the audience with a better understanding of the tragedy that took place that fateful night.

Event Information:

1st show: 4pm-5.15pm
2nd show: 7pm-8.15pm
Tickets are free. Booking is required.

Learn more about The Mexico Disaster in our Between Land And Sea museum.
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