Tour and Talk – Located: Southport

A guided tour with the artists Elise&Mary, who have created the exhibition Located: Southport, with a Question & Answer session.

What is it all about: Last Station, located & dislocated is inspired by the ‘Guiding Lights’ and navigation systems of Trinity House and the importance of marine history and waterways in the UK’s heritage and identity. The central idea behind the work is to think about how we form connection to ‘place’ and sense of identity – physically, culturally, emotionally and spiritually. The installation uses the concept of floating navigational aids moored on shifting sandbanks – Light Vessels and Buoys – as a metaphor to explore the states of location and dislocation for individuals and communities. You are invited to explore this installation of rooms within rooms of sculpture, lights, video and soundscapes, to make you own connections and disconnections. The work has been developed by artists Elise & Mary over 5 years and is funded by the Arts Council of England.

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