Viking Life – Part Two – Lecture One

This course is aimed at learners who wish to explore the culture of the Vikings and what role the Vikings played in Britain.
We will begin by looking at the Viking voyages across the North Sea. We will find out where they settled in Britain and how they lived. We will also learn about the role of the Viking communities in Britain and how the Vikings evolved. We will finish by looking at the Norse sagas and how they help us to understand the Viking age.

With Kirsten Nielson Welch

Lecture 1:
The journey across the North Sea. Where did the Vikings settle? What did they bring to their new communities? Inventions by the Vikings. Everyday life and beliefs.

Lecture 2:
The Vikings on Merseyside and Lancashire. We will explore what part the Vikings played in our local history.

Lecture 3:
The highs and lows of the Viking age in Britain. How did the Viking age end in Britain and what became of the Vikings? Who has the final say? We will take a brief look at the sagas; what do these stories tell us about the Vikings?

Refreshments included

2 October – The Journey across the North Sea

9 October – The Vikings on Merseyside and Lancashire

16 October – The highs and lows of the Viking age in Britain



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