Why Look at Animals?

This exhibition looks at our relationship with animals. John Berger argued in his 1977 essay Why Look At Animals?, that humanity has lost its contact with nature since moving into town and cities. We now tend to think of animals only as Zoo creatures, pets or food source.

Artists from the early Victorian period to the present day have been aware of this change in perception and this exhibition presents a wide range of responses.

Image Credit: The Angler’s Guard 1830 by Sir Edward Landseer (1802 -1873) (Watercolour)

Education Pack

The Atkinson welcomes you and your pupils to Why Look at Animals?, an exhibition that takes its name from an essay by the British theorist John Berger. We use his ideas to combine works of art from our own collection and from the Arts Council in exciting ways. The show makes us very proud, and we would like to offer satisfying visits to it to as many people as possible. To make this easy for teachers and pupils in the Key Stages 1 through to 4, we have prepared a package of fun and creative exercises, learning activities, discussions and explanations for before, during and after a day at The Atkinson. You will find these activities at the end of this introductory document and we hope that you and your pupils have a lot of fun with it. Download  Why Look at Animals – Education Pack

Exhibition Opening Times

Mon – Sat: 10am – 4pm

Sun: 11am – 4pm (During School Holidays only)

Arty Aprons
Every Saturday and every day of Sefton school holidays, 11am – 4pm (subject to availability)
Free, drop in

Pick up an apron to explore the exhibitions using ‘tools’ such as binoculars, tape measures and sound pieces. Available every Saturday and every day during Sefton school holidays. Ages 3+

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