New Exhibition – Southport’s Victorian Visitors

New Exhibition – Southport’s Victorian Visitors

What have P.T.Barnum, Arthur Conan Doyle and Sigmund Freud got in common? It might surprise you to discover that the answer is Southport!

From its humble beginnings in the early Nineteenth Century, Southport quickly grew through the Victorian era to become a bustling hub of art and leisure, attracting visitors from around the world.

This exhibition will take today’s visitors on a journey through Southport’s Victorian past, highlighting the famous faces that appeared here alongside Southport’s own local heroes and the changing face of the town itself in a celebration of Southport’s rich cultural heritage.

Southport’s Victorian Visitors

2 July –  17 September 2022

Monday – Saturday. 10am – 4pm. Free Entry.
Closed Sundays & Bank Holidays.
Plan your visit here.

Posted on 2 July 2022 under Exhibition, General news

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