Flowerbed Transformation Adjacent to The Atkinson

Flowerbed Transformation Adjacent to The Atkinson

We’re buzzing about our colourful flowerbeds outside the Atkinson. As part of our Bees At The Atkinson project supported by funding from Liverpool Community Environment Fund we requested to take over two of the flowerbeds outside our building. Our request was successful and we transformed the front of The Atkinson!

Work began last Autumn with volunteers from our staff and volunteer team, getting outside in rain and sunshine clearing, planting, and weeding to make a vibrant pollinator friendly space. We will continue to care for these beds and want to ensure as much pollen all year round to support biodiversity. We also hope it looks good and our visitors enjoy the colourful space.

Working together on these beds has brought people together at The Atkinson. All involved have found that gardening has been rewarding, fun and enabled us to have so many lovely chats with curious passers-by. Bringing the beds to life with colour, scent and pollen rich flowers and then seeing the number of insects and bees using it to forage has inspired us all to rev-visit our gardens, courtyards, and window boxes to see where we can squeeze in a few more plants.

With the Southport Flower Show starting this week we thought it would be good to share a little video and some images of our flowers.

If you are visiting us soon to see our exhibitions, book a show or pop into the Library maybe find time to visit our café – A Great Little Place- then take your cuppa outside and immerse yourself in our eclectic plants. See you soon!





Posted on 14 August 2023 under Bees

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