North-West England and the Irish Sea in the Viking Age

Talk by Dr David Griffith, University of Oxford

A thousand years is a long time for the traces of a migrant Scandinavian people and culture to remain detectable. Most of the settlements, burials and hoards they left behind have gradually disappeared under more modern development, or been eroded away, leaving only a few startling discoveries to be made in modern times. Carved stones in churches have fared a little better, but many have still been lost to posterity. Language, folk traditions and blood-lines have diffused with generations of later influences and new introductions, but some key aspects survive.

In this talk, Dr David Griffiths of the University of Oxford will look at the evidence we have and what we can conclude from this. In conjunction with our current exhibition Viking: Rediscover the Legend 

 Image: Viking carved stones from Gosforth (Cumbria)

Photo credit: Ross Trench-Jellicoe


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