Vulcan Car

Thanks to the National Museum Liverpool for the loan of this beautiful Vulcan 15 hp car, this will be on display in our Foyer from 2 September

Aimed at the professional man who needed a car to drive himself rather than be chauffeur-driven, this Vulcan 15 hp car was built in Crossens near Southport in 1910.

Liverpool Museum don’t have records on who owned the car when it was new but the Hinds family from Southport owned it briefly in the 1950s. They drove to rallies all over the country and as the car doesn’t have windscreen wipers, Mrs Hinds would rub raw potato on the windscreen to stop it smearing.

Vulcan cars had a reputation to rival more prestigious makes. In trials in the early 1900s Vulcans succeeded in climbing hills where other cars had to have their passengers get out and push!

Just us for our talk about this car.

Kindly loaned by National Museums Liverpool



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