Adopt a Teddy

Adopt a Teddy

£25 donation
Adopt a teddy from our museum collection and support the charitable work of The Atkinson Development Trust.

Adoption packs include a letter from your teddy, a certificate, pin badge, post card and a bookmark. As a special thank you we will also include your name in our museum display!

The Atkinson’s teddy collection was donated to The Botanic Gardens Museum in 1985 by a Mrs Pearce who lived in Southport. The teddies lived in the Botanic Gardens Museum until 2012 when they moved to The Atkinson. The Atkinson’s teddy collection is a very important historical record of toys that were popular in the 20th century.  Recently, the teddies have been cleaned by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers and are now proudly displayed on the first-floor landing of The Atkinson. We would love for you to come and visit them.

By adopting a teddy, you are supporting The Atkinson Development Trust; a charity whose vision is to develop The Atkinson as a centre for communities to enjoy the Arts and learn together. Your generous donation is vital in helping the Trust to:

• Support restoration work of The Atkinson’s existing collection, as well as expanding the collection through the acquisition of new works.
• Provide creative opportunities and projects to serve the local community.
• Continue to explore new ways of using the Arts to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Exclusively available at the counter at The Atkinson’s Box Office. 

Meet the teddies


Hello, I’m Winton

When I was donated, I didn’t come with a name, but recently I have been kindly given the name ‘Winton’ from the wonderful volunteers at The Atkinson and the kind public. I think I really suit my new name!

I think a lot of people would recognise me as looking very similar to their traditional childhood teddy. I’m quite big, my tummy is round and I am great to cuddle! My fur is soft and I have kept it in great condition. I love looking neat and tidy. Some of the other teddies had jobs before they retired to the museum, but I have always been a teddy bear. There’s nothing I like more than bringing joy to friendly humans.

My best friend at The Atkinson is Peke the Pekingese who is much smaller than me and very energetic. Peke also yaps a lot, whereas I am very quiet, but we make a great team.

Jack Woofit

Hi there! I’m Jack Woofit the Joiner.

I was donated to the museum with my wife, Suzie, who you can see standing beside me on display. Before I retired to live in the museum, I worked as a joiner. I still like to lend my skills to the other teddies and staff at the museum. Many of the teddies are jealous of my stripey top and overalls which, despite all my hard work during my career, I have managed to keep very clean! It’s my favourite outfit and I wear it every day.

My best friend at The Atkinson is Felicity the bear. We’ve had very different lives, so we have a lot to share with each other. Felicity teaches me and Suzie to dance and I have taught her some joinery skills. We have so much fun!


Woof, woof! I’m Peke

My name ‘Peke’, comes from Pekingese (my dog breed). My name is short and sweet, just like me! Like others of my breed, I am an intelligent and affectionate dog. My distant ancestors were the pets of royalty in Imperial China and I think I have managed to keep up their regal appearance with my long blonde hair and dainty red bow.

I love playing with the other teddies, especially Winton. He’s a kind, quiet soul. He doesn’t like to run round much but he often throws the ball for me when we play fetch.

Sweet Pea

Hello! My name is Sweet Pea.

When I was donated, I didn’t come with a name, but recently I have been kindly given the name ‘Sweet Pea’ from the wonderful volunteers at The Atkinson and the kind public, which I think I really suit as I adore flowers.

I’ve been told I am named after a beautifully scented flower that climbs towards the sun and continues to bloom throughout our summers in Southport. Like the flower I too am a very good climber. I also enjoy lots of sports, such as Athletics, Golf and Tennis. People often underestimate me as I am small but I always try very hard and can often run faster and climb higher than teddies much bigger than me.

I love playing games and sport with the other teddies, especially Lamb who is my best friend and, although older than me, agrees to join in our games even when tired. Lamb is kind to all teddies and always plays fair.


Bonjour! Je m’appelle Coco.

Before I lived with Mrs Pearce I lived in Paris. I love fashion and when no one is looking I try on the1920s clothes in our museum, but please don’t tell anyone!

I studied art and enjoyed painting near the Sacre Coeur when I was a young teddy. When I moved to Southport I felt at home seeing the people in their finest walking along beautiful Lord Street – it reminds me of Paris. The fashions keep changing and I love to see what our visitors wear today. I am so happy to live amongst magnificent works of art from The Atkinson collection and always spend time studying each new exhibition so I can keep learning.

Dougal Donkey is my best friend. He is so clever and tells me stories about his travels and adventures. He knows a lot about history and answers all my questions about objects in our museum.

Dougal Donkey

Hello there, my name is Dougal Donkey.

I am proud to say that I have worked hard in my life but I am now retired. I have lived in many places and travelled all over the world. I love meeting people (and other teddies) to learn about their culture. I return to my friends to tell stories of adventure, history and the arts. I write down what I learn and take photos so I never forget.

Coco is my best friend. As a fellow traveller we enjoy swapping stories – mine are full of facts and adventure and Coco’s stories are full of colour and joy.


Hello, my name is Lamb and it’s a pleasure to meet you.

I am a retired actor. I love the theatre and have been in many shows acting, singing and performing all over the world. However, I have always loved my home in Southport. Living in The Atkinson is a dream come true as I see so many famous people and get to sneak in to watch rehearsals and see such talented people perform. It brings back all my memories of treading the boards!

When I am not watching performances in the theatre I like playing games with Sweet Pea. She is a very determined teddy who is patient with an old teddy like me, explaining the rules of a new game or sport. Spending time with Sweet Pea makes me feel like a young teddy again.


Hello I’m Felicity and I like to dance as it makes me happy and full of joy.

I enjoy teaching others how to dance and I sometimes sneak a peek when we have dance shows on at The Atkinson so I can keep learning myself.

I like my name and I’ve been told it suits me as I wake everyday full of happiness. Many of the teddies say they like my spotty top and skirt. It’s my favourite outfit and I am learning sewing so I can repair it and I hope one day to create new outfits for myself and my friends. I always thought it would be hard to sew but I find I am learning quickly and I will begin crochet classes soon.

My best friend at The Atkinson is Jack Woofit the joiner. Jack is kind and patient. He helps out all over The Atkinson fixing and repairing anything broken so we are ready to welcome visitors the next day. Jack used to say he couldn’t dance but I’ve been teaching him and his wife Suzie and we are currently practicing the quickstep, ready to impress all our friends at The Atkinson with a surprise performance.

Wide Boy

Wotcher, I’m Wide Boy!

I am a London boy, who moved to the North West when I was in a band back in the1960’s. I played guitar and sang, but my voice is not what it was. My band’s style was described as rock/ folk and we were really very good.

I enjoy all music and love watching musicians play. Anything that makes my fluffy toes tap is a winner for me. My favourite performers at The Atkinson are the ones who engage with the audience and show how much they enjoy the music.

When I am not watching music acts in the theatre I like to go and get some sun in Spain. I am never happier than sitting on the sand in my shorts and colourful shirts watching the world go by.

I love eating, especially cakes and biscuits baked by my best buddy Goldie. Goldie is a little bear who wears a red bow and is an incredible baker. Someone once said Goldie should go on a famous Baking TV show and probably would win. I have to agree.


Hello, I’m Goldie.

I love baking and cooking. I enjoy making cakes, bread and biscuits for my friends. I have lots of favourite recipes but also like to discover new ones which challenge me. My kitchen has many trays, mixers and lots of spoons. The other teddies tease me that I have too many but I need them all. I love to share my creations with my friends.

My best friend at The Atkinson is Wide Boy who is my guinea pig and will try all my new bakes. He’s such good fun and a great singer.

The Atkinson Development Trust is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation Registered Charity Number 1161020.