Grateful Fred’s: Americana & Roots Music

Grateful Fred’s have been pioneering Americana and Roots music in Formby, Southport and Liverpool since 2010 and during that time have presented some of the best US, Canadian and World artists.

On the first Wednesday of every month, join the Fredhead’s at The Atkinson for a wonderful night of live acoustic music.

This month at Grateful Fred’s we are having a “Homegrown Evening” featuring three of the artists that have played supporting roles in previous Grateful Fred Nights.

So tonight it will be a chance for us to hear them once again and to give them the attention and support that they deserve.

So here, in no particular order are our artists for November at Grateful Fred’s at The Atkinson!


Amongst all of the wonderful support artists that have played at Grateful Freds over the last few years one of those that have made a true lasting impression with “the Fredheads” would have to be Jenny and Calum of Limerance.

Limerance initially supported “The Danberrys” at Grateful Fred’s in July of 2017 and they brought the house down with their songs and beautiful, unique harmonies.

They then came back in 2018 supporting “Molly Tuttle and Rachael Baiman“, another great night.

And the last time they played for us they were supporting “AJ Lee and Blue Summit” in late 2019.

Since then they released their first CD, “In The First Place” and have played scores of shows throughout the UK including early this summer an appearance at the legendary Cambridge Folk Festival.

If you saw Jenny and Calum at previous Grateful Fred shows you’ll know just how good they are but if you haven’t seen Limerance before then you are in for a real treat.

Ivan Campo

In May of this year, we first experienced seeing and hearing Ivan Campo, when they opened the show for Evie Ladin and Keith Terry at Grateful Fred’s.

Those of us who were lucky enough to be there will remember being fascinated and entertained by their songwriting, their vocals, their whistling skills (!), their suitcase drum playing, their clarinet musicianship and their humour.

They played a great set of songs that almost defy classification.

If you were not lucky enough to be there that night, then here is your chance to experience Ivan Campo, one of the most hardworking and in-demand bands,  live in concert.

Right before your very eyes.

Motel Sundown

On August 3rd, earlier this year, we had one of the best Grateful Fred Nights ever, when The Chapin Sisters headlined and were supported by our third band tonight, Motel Sundown.

Naomi, Karen and Rob opened the evening and Lily and Abigail Chapin sat in the wings as the band performed, enjoying, like the rest of us, their wonderful three-part harmonies and great, original songs.

So, we are delighted that they are coming back tonight to perform for us again.

Their new album, “If You Were Listening” is chock-full of great songs and their beautiful, unique harmonies.

The band will have played at the prestigious British Country Music Festival by the time they play for us so this is your chance to see them here at Grateful Freds.

Line-ups are correct at time of purchase but may be subject to change. Customers will not be notified of any changes to the line-up. No refunds will be offered for changes to the line-up, customers are entitled to a ticket exchange, credit note, or can donate the cost to The Atkinson Development Trust.

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