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Museum – Local History

Discover 10,000 years of Sefton history in our new permanent museum display Between Land and Sea. The museum is full of objects, interactive resources and stories that will inspire pupils’ curiosity about the past. We have created a series of workshops and Loan Boxes that will support your teaching of local history.

KS1 & KS2 Loan Boxes
We have two Loans Boxes designed to support primary schools in exploring the history of Southport. The contents focus on Southport as a seaside town, the shrimping industry and the impact that tourism and industry had during the 1800s. Although teacher information and activities are mainly aimed at KS2, the boxes contain historically correct items of clothing which we have had commissioned and which would be appropriate for KS1 as well. Plus there are many artefacts and activities that would appeal to all ages to help bring this topic to life.

Workshop: Southport Then & Now
During this 2 hour workshop students develop performance, confidence and communication skills whilst learning about the history of Southport. This drama based workshop is full of physical activities that explore the various reasons why people visited Southport in the past – including the health benefits and the leisure activities such as the lido, theatres, The Flower Show and to play golf.

Workshop: The Mexico Disaster
During this 2 hour workshop aimed at Y5/6 students develop performance, confidence and communication skills whilst learning about this significant event in local history (as this workshops explores the loss of loved ones and a traumatic event, this may not be suitable for some children, depending on personal circumstances, but this can be discussed before the workshop is booked).

Self led tours – Free
Volunteer led tours – Suggested donation £1 per child

Museum – Ancient Egypt

Our stunning Egyptology museum, Discover Ancient Egypt, takes visitors on a journey through what life was like in ancient Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs, showcasing Anne Goodison’s personal and wide-ranging collection in an interactive display. Mrs Goodison was one of a handful of wealthy Victorian ladies in the North West who were fascinated by ancient Egypt. We have created a series of workshops and Loan Boxes that will support your teaching of Ancient Egypt.

KS2 Loans Boxes

Everyday Life & Beauty / Ritual & Communication / Mrs Goodison’s Archaeological Dig

The Loans Boxes are based on Mrs Goodison’s collection of Ancient Egyptian artefacts, and relate to the ‘museum room’ she created in her home at Waterloo Beachfront, Crosby, where she lived in the late 1880s. They include artefacts, photographs, lesson ideas, worksheets, fascinating facts and much more to complement your teaching of Ancient Egypt.

Pupils get the opportunity to see what it is like to discover finds, how to excavate, record and document like a real archaeologist, all from the comfort of their own classroom!

KS2 History Workshops

Discover Ancient Egypt Workshop – Lots of practical exploration of the artefacts from the Mrs Goodison Collection to inspire curiosity and enthusiasm for the study of Ancient Egypt. The 2- hour session includes introductory session, then class splits into 2 groups for a self-led activity and a museum session with an educator. The workshop covers Ancient Egyptian rituals (pharaohs, gods and the afterlife), everyday life, communication and beauty.

KS2 Outreach Programme – Mrs Anne Goodison: The Victorian Egyptologist
A costumed actress delivers a fascinating interactive performance that brings to life Mrs Goodison’s expeditions to Egypt in the 19th century. This powerful event gives an insight into the life of a local hero, Mrs Goodison, who was passionate and highly informed about Ancient Egypt, and who returned with the artefacts on show in the museum today. Students interact to shape the direction of the performance as it happens, by contributing their ideas, interpreting hieroglyphics and identifying artefacts.
1 hour performance plus opportunity for Q & A

Museum Tours
Self led tours – Free
Volunteer led tours – Suggested donation £1 per child

Additional Resources
Gold and Grime tells the fascinating story of 19th century women Egyptologists from the North West. Click the link to discover a variety of exciting and interesting activities that can be used in class.

Art Gallery

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Our library works with families, young people and schools to encourage reading for enjoyment and pleasure.
Schools groups can book a free 15 minute introduction to the library that can be adapted for different ages. All pupils should bring their own library card with them on the day to loan books to take home.

Maximum group size: 30 pupils.

For pupils visiting the library for the first time we offer a special 45 minute session that includes:
• Tour of junior library
• Join the library (parent permissions forms available)
• Story Time
• Choose books for loan

Pupils with no library card who wish to join should take home a parental consent form which needs to be completed and returned to the library a week prior to the visit. A library card will then be ready for the pupil to collect when they visit.

To book a library visit please contact or call 0151 934 2118